“Once in a while along comes something to make you sit up and take notice.
Not your run-of-the-mill Mistress, Satine uses Her keen sense of occasion and Her experience of the psychology of the sub/Domme world to extract the true desires of Her slaves.
Never has anyone managed to fulfil my fantasies to this extent before.
A truly caring and intuitive Domme who takes the time to make your experience one that you will remember.
You will return and develop with Her and find the elation of your experience in Her care growing with each visit.
She gets inside your head and stays there”
slave brian 22/3/05





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Hello and a very kinky welcome to you. I hope you enjoy your travels around. My site is all self designed and produced by your Mistress Satine. I hope it can offer you a detailed insight into What your Mistress is all about. you are more than welcome to express any compliments or perhaps issues you have with My site by sending Me an email.

I have over the last 10 years been re-designing and changing lots of things about My website. I hope this one is here to stay for a while, as I finally think I have reached the ultimate expression for you.

I have a lot of admirers and fans - so I hope this reaches those who cannot come to see Me in person. So this is for you too.

This website is about Me and letting you into My world of Alternative Erotic Sensual play between an experienced Mistress and Her consenting Subject.

For anyone wanting to swap Links there are specific Pages in the Links Area.

All of My pictures are copyright to Me, please do not pick up and place My pictures elsewhere at anytime. They are on this site for your pleasure and I'd like them to stay here.

I would like for My site to be a very satisfying visual and informative time for anyone viewing.

If you would like to appear on My website or have any ideas about it, please feel free to ask. I do not do video shoots in exchange for a free session. Every session is tributed, even Video! When I do video shoots they are captured by its natural creative moments.


Enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you.

your Mistress Satine XxX


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